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Postby Nate1982 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:54 am

Hi all.

I bought my FTO GR (Non-Mivec) back in 2012 and ran it for approximately 2 years as a daily runner. Unfortunately, I let the MOT expire and then took it off road.
Heaven knows why, as I loved the car.

It's been playing on my mind, what to do with it.
It's currently sitting on my parents drive, as the wife and I have had a couple of kids and moved house (with limited parking) since last running the motor.

I've seen fewer and fewer on the roads and I really didn't want to scrap it - so I'm taking the plunge and looking to get it back on the road as a bit of a weekend car.

My question to you seasoned FTO pro's is;

Where is the best place to get FTO spares in the UK?
I've ordered uprated brake discs from the usual online retailers (CarParts4Less) and they fitted up okay. Same with the pads.

The one I'm really struggling with is calipers.
No one seems to stock any and those that do, are charging a fortune for them.
I've been in contact with a refurb firm in Nottingham but they're not cheap either.
For the time being, I've ordered seal kits as a cost saving alternative.

As you guys are in the know, it'd be nice to take out the background work and go straight to the people that can source the spares.

I'm doing the bare minimum, to get it in a driveable state so i can get it over for pre-MOT check to avoid spending if the car is going to be a bit of a money pit.

It sat for at least 3 years and after a new battery and some new fuel - it fired up first time.

Tappets are a little noisy, but they were when it was running and from memory - this was a common problem.
I always managed it in the past by changing my oil grade depending on the weather.

I look forward to your comments!

Dad of two, husband of one
Collector of cars that always need work!

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Re: Project

Postby Bernard » Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:47 pm

Hi Nate.
Welcome along.

Viamoto is the place to go.
Mike who runs it is very helpful and has an excellent understanding of FTOs, he's years at it.

Have a look through the Knowledgebase here, you'll find loads of info.

Lastly, post a few pics of your car. It's always nice to see what other members are driving.

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