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near miss

Postby Daz » Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:13 am

And when i say near miss i meam mm's bloody taxi drivers!!!

Last night at about 5.40pm I pulled out of a side road onto a main road and less than 100 meters later a w@nk€r of a taxi driver pulls out of an entrance to a small block of houses on the main road, as i am passing . He started to pull out as i reached him i figured he'd see me and stop but he didn't. If i slammed on he'd t-bone me (both kids in the car and on that side of car) so i briefly put the but in shot out wide the slammed on while cutting in to avoid the oncomming traffic and predestrian central island, just clipping the kurb. At which point the taxi driver has applied his own brakes with his car almost fully out with him trying to turn right. Because he didn't hit me, he decided he would drive of..i stopped him by standing infront and asking for his details which he refused so i called the cops and they wouldn't attend because he didn't hit me. But he almost caused a major accident....if it wasn't for my driving there could of been injuries...i said to the police on the phone surely hes guilty of driving without due care and attention and dangerous driving which they conceeded was a possibilty but if i wanted anything to go further i was to take a photo of his reg and let him go and report to a police station within 24 hours....what a bloody joke!!! :smt013 :smt013
Couldn't seey any damage to my alloy last night in the dark but will go out and give her a good wash and check her all over later today when kids allow, but i'm still bull'n!!!
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Re: near miss

Postby goz_83 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:15 pm

Plenty of eijets driving around alright. Be thankful that nobody was hurt. Could have been so much worse. On the day I was rear ended, my son was going to come for the drive. At the time, he was 11. Considering the injuries I have suffered, I thank my lucky stars my son was not in the car too.
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