Auto drive plate part number?

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Auto drive plate part number?

Postby steve walsh » Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:16 am

Hi guys anyone know the numbr for the drive plate? i replaced the gear box but the drive plate has split on all 4 points just above the bolts, i have no idea what caused this as they were torqued up fine when i put the TC back onto it, the car still drives i only noticed as i was checking for any leaks since the replacement box.

May even get it welded in situ to save pulling out the box again.

Any suggestions as to why it would have split are welcome as i dont want it doing it again.

Apart from the problems ive had since i bought it im enjoying driving a standard car with a little bit of power (im used to 400+bhp skylines lol) and i love the V6 rumble.

Its a 95 gpx mivec incase the drive plate numbers are different.
steve walsh
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