wings and doors for sale

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wings and doors for sale

Postby Gerry » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:22 am

Have a few fto bits lying in the garage guys

Have a couple sets of wings and doors for sale
in great nick
In white
35 euro each

also bonnet in black 40 euro

brake master cylinder 30 euro
ignition with key 40 euro
set of head lights 70 euro
drivers side driveshaft ( with abs sensor ) 40 euro
door cards ----- free to take way
Gx alternator 40 euro
Rear bumper white 30 euro
Rear bumper silver 30 euro
front bumper silver 40 euro
Set of front shocks 50 euro
set of rear shocks 40 euro
front hubs abs or non abs 25 euro each
gr wishbones 30 euro each
rear droplinks and anti roll bar 40 euro
Have you seen my FTO tattoo?
Have you seen my FTO tattoo?
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